Beaded Spiral Pearl Bracelet - Free Beading Pattern

Spiral Stitch is great. It's a very easy stitch to learn and so versatile. Adapt the basic foundation of the stitch and you'll be able to create so many different styles. You can alter the size and shape of beads or you can change the number of beads added per stitch. Experiment a little and you'll create an abundance of beading possibilities.  Here are some examples of my work, all created using Spiral Stitch. 

Hot Pink and Lime Green Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

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Lapis Lazuli Beaded Necklace with Galvanised Miyuki Beads

Large Loop Earrings with Miyuki cubes and Galvanised Beads

I'm delighted to share with you my spiral freshwater pearl bracelet pattern. Keep in mind, you can adapt this pattern however you like, replace the pearls with cube, wooden, leaf or ceramic beads, whatever takes your fancy.
Freshwater Pearl Spiral Bracelet Pattern

Approx. 2-3 grams of size 6 green seed beads A
Approx. 5 grams of size 11 ceylon purple seed beads B
(I generally like to use Japanese seed beads but you can use cheaper seed beads if you like - Just try and use beads that are similiar in size)
18 Dark green freshwater pearls C
18 Lime green freshwater pearls C
36 Dark purple freshwater pearls C
2 silver plated bell cones
2 silver plated eye pins
2 silver plated jump rings
1 silver plated lobster clasp
Round Nose Pliers

Step One
Thread your needle with a stop bead leaving about 20 cm (8 inch) of thread.
Add four (size 6) green seed beads (See Diagram 1).

Diagram 1

Step Two

Add another (size 6) green seed bead, two (size 11) ceylon purple seed beads, one dark purple freshwater pearl, and two more (size 11) ceylon purple seed beads. Now pass the thread through the last three beads you stitched on in step one, and the very first green bead you picked up in the beginning of this step (See Diagram 2).

Diagram 2

Step Three
Once again, add one green seed bead (size 6). Then add two ceylon purple seed beads (size 11), one lime green freshwater pearl, and another two ceylon purple seed beads (size 11). Next, pass the thread through the four green seed beads to form the base. You do this by picking up three of the size 6 green beads from the previous steps and the one size 6 green bead you just picked up in the beginning of this step. (see Diagram 3). Pull your thread, so the purple seed beads sit on top of the base lime seed beads and push the purple seed beads and freshwater pearls to sit beside the other beads sitting on the outside of the base.

Diagram 3

Continue to add one (size 6) green bead, two (size 11) ceylon purple seed beads, one freshwater pearl* and again two (size 11) ceylon purple seed beads. Pass through four green seed beads to form the base (passing through the three green seed beads from the previous steps, and also picking up the green bead from the current step).

*To achieve the colour pattern of the bracelet, alternate the freshwater pearl colours with each step. As follows
One dark purple (as in step 2)
One lime green (as in step 3)
One dark purple (step 4)
One dark green (step 5)
Repeat these step till you reach your desired length, keeping in mind the extra space you'll use for clasp. For a bracelet I work about 17 inches of spiral stitch, leaving about 1 and half inches for the clasp area.

Here is a summary of steps for this Spiral Bracelet:

1st step only - Thread: 4 x A, 2 x B, 1 x C, 2 x B, pass through all four A beads to form base
Every step (except the first) - Thread: 1 x A, 2 x B, 1 x C, 2 x B, stitch through 3 A’s (already in base from previous steps) and 1A from this step.

Finishing off your bracelet
When your bracelet has reached the required length attach an eye pin to the end of the piece with your thread. Do this by wrapping the thread around the eye pin and tying knots. Repeat, this many times – stitching the thread back into the bracelet and tying knots and wrapping around the eye pin. You should wrap the thread until the eye pin is securely attached. The eye pin may still move a little but do not worry. Finish the thread by weaving into your work and tying a final knot - seal knot with a little nail polish. Now, add a good dollop of clear nail polish or pvc glue, over the tied knots on your eye pin. Let dry, then place your silver plated cone, over the eye pin (see Diagram 4).

Diagram 4

Next, trim the excess length from your eye pin leaving enough to curl. Curl end so that the bell cap fits securely on the end of the bracelet. Remove stop bead from the other end of the bracelet and attach the eye pin in the same way. Attach jump rings to the ends of the eye pins. Finish off your bracelet by adding lobster or toggle clasp (see Diagram 5).

Diagram 5

Changing Thread
I usually use enough thread (about 1.5 metres) so I only have to change the thread once throughout this project. When you have about 13cm (5 inches) of thread left, weave it back into the base beads. First weave back through two of the base beads. Tie a knot. And weave again through another two. Tie another knot. Seal your knots with clear nail polish or pvc glue.
Add new thread by weaving it in about five beads prior to where your works ends. Weave through two beads. Tie knot. Weave through another two beads. Tie knot. Weave through one more bead and you should now be ready to continue your work. Seal knots with clear nail polish and trim ends. As you will be passing your thread through the same section where your old thread is finished, be careful to not undo this prior work. Also, aim to tie your knots in alternative placement to where you tied your knots in finishing your thread, as this helps to keep your work neat.

I hope you enjoyed this free beading pattern by Roaming Pixies. 

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  1. I really like this bracelet. Thank you for sharing! The spiral stitch is my favorite. Hope you will share some more tutorials!

  2. Dear Stay at Home Mum Who's Passionate About Crafts, The jewelry you made is beautiful, or maybe I can be more precise: It's gorgeous. The instructions are exquisitely well written and the illustrations are crystal clear. The only thing I don't understand is why after you posted this on Oct. 26, 2012, you only got one comment.

    I can tell you my suspicion. The bracelet featured shows pinky-red beads with green beads, and red and green are opposite colors on a color wheels, which sometimes intimidates ladies and gents. I suspect you would be able to share your talents with many more people who would love what you do if you changes the picture to feature the beautiful blue bracelet with those delightful blue leaves. Blue is overwhelmingly the favorite of the Western World (which includes Key West, Staten Island, trees brimming with Washington red apples and Disneyland). People will go crazy for your design skills as soon as they realize it can work for them, and blue works for the shy and introverted. Thank you for sharing this marvelous design, and best wished for having the best time as a stay-at-home crafter who always puts her offspring first.

  3. Hi SilverMuc,

    Thanks for your postive input and feedback. Interesting insights you have. I'm not sure why exactly I chose those particular colours for the diagrams....I think I wanted something that had high contrast so people could see exactly how the stitches work. I am glad you like my designs and really this is just an example of how you can you use the stitch. The design possibilities are endless, and I hope that people can use this as more of an inspiration to make their own it if they change colours or the types of beads they use.
    Anyway, thanks again and all the best.


  4. Thank you for being generous and sharing your pattern. Off to raid my stash and give it a whirl. I'll keep you posted.

    1. Hi Dragon, One of these days I should get a Flicker account going so people can share their creations. Hope it went well for you!


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