Friday, 19 October 2012

Make a Beaded Pearl Necklace - Free Beading Pattern

I had a custom order for a mother-of-the-bride. She wanted something simple. "Definitely nothing too flash" and something with pearls. She planned to wear a lilac dress and pearl drop earrings. After a few trials and errors I came up with this necklace. It's based upon Right Angle Weave stitch and is so simple to make. Here is the pattern and I hope you enjoy.

12.5 grams of Size 8 of Pale Pink Silver Lined Matsuno
9 Round freshwater pearls - Peach Coloured (approximately 7mm)
Light Pink or Neutral coloured Nymo thread or Fireline

Using the Size 8 Beads follow the basic 1 x 1 unit right angle weave tutorial. Continue for approximately 20 units - or until the necklace reaches about a quarter of the way around your neck.

To attach the pearls:
Pick up five size 8 beads and one pearl bead, then pass again through the last bead from the last RAW unit you just stitched, (through the opposite end from which the thread is flowing). Pass again through the five beads you just picked up. Pick up another four size 8 beads and again pass through the last bead from the last RAW unit you just stitched, and the five beads that you picked up in the very beginning of this step. Now continue with the basic raw stitch. The pearl bead should fit snugly inside a circle of the smaller beads. Note: Do four units of 1 x1 right angle weave with the Size 8 beads, between adding the pearls.

To End: 
Simply weave in the thread and seal a couple knots with clear nail polish. Finish with a small toggle clasp or lobster clasp.

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