Friday, 26 October 2012

Easy Beaded Two-Tone Earrings - Free Beading Pattern

In the Ten Minute Lantern Earrings Pattern I showed you an easy and fast way to utilise Lampwork Accent Beads. Here is another simple way to make pretty two-tone earrings from these gorgeous lampwork beads.


2 Peppermint green small lampwork beads
2 Aqua blue lampwork beads
6 Peppermint green swaroski crystals
4 Cool mint blue swaroski crystals
18 Small silver plated balls
1 Pair of sterling silver earring hooks
2 Silver plated eyepins
6 Silver plated headpins
2 Silver plated jumprings


Place one silver ball, one bead, one green crystal, one peppermint green lampwork bead, and
another silver ball on an eye pin. Curl end.
Place one silver ball, one green crystal, and one silver ball on a headpin. Curl end. Repeat.
Place one silver ball, one blue crystal, one silver ball, another blue crystal, and finally one silver ball on a headpin. Curl end.
Add the beaded headpins to the jump ring - short, long, short.
Attach headpin to the eye pin with the lampwork beads.
Repeat for second pair.
Attach to earring hooks.

And here is some other colour schemes you might also like to try...


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