DIY Buttons with Polymer Clay - Free Tutorial -

Make your own buttons!

It's so easy. This free tutorial will show you how to make these cute and colourful buttons from polymer clay or fimo. 

You can use the buttons to make earrings or a beaded necklace, or decorate a cuff bracelet. They are really simple and fun to make, and you can whip them up in hardly any time at all. You only need the smallest amount of clay, so it is an awesome way to use up any leftover or scrap clay. So here is the tutorial and I hope you have fun with it

2 colours of fimo or sculpey polymer clay
Needle for piercing
Oven for baking

Note - When working with clay you may like to wear latex gloves, to avoid getting your fingerprints on the beads. It is also good idea to use a seperate pair of gloves for each colour so you don’t get any other colours bleeding into each other.

Step One
Select the two colours for your button. Condition your clay by rolling and squashing between your hands. When your clay feels nice and soft and doesn’t crack, make two little balls. As the white clay is going to be the base it needs to be a little big bigger than the red top colour.

Step Two
Press down each ball firmly with your thumb. Make the white clay about 3mm thick and the red clay about 1mm thick.

Step Three
Place the red clay on top of the white clay and push down firmly without losing the shape of the button.

Step Four 
Pierce two holes with a needle, ensuring your needle goes all the way through to the other side

Step Five
Bake your button/s for approximately 15 minutes (130 degrees celcius). Check your packet directions for exact time and temperature requirements, or go here for sculpey and here for a general guide on several other different polymer clay types including fimo.

That’s it. So all you have to do now is find a way to use your buttons. They are great as clasps for any of your handcrafted work, or perhaps you may want to make a bead and button necklace like the very talented Don Mae from This Years Dozen. I made a girls button bracelet simply by stitching them onto a basic beaded peyote stitch bracelet.

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