How to Join Different Colour Amigurumi Pieces

I had no intention of writing amigurumi tutorials for this blog, as there is such an abundance of great free tutorials already available on the Internet. However, I struggled to find a tutorial that explains how to hide the stitching when joining two amigurumi pieces of different colours together. June Gilbank over at Planet June has an excellent tutorial on how to join amigurumi pieces together and I highly recommend that you check out her website and all her helpful tutorials. I always use Planet June's technique when joining amigurumi and I think it is the best and easiest method. If your amigurumi doll has a scarf or collar around the neck you also don't have to worry about hiding the seam, so in this case I would stick with using Planet June's technique. But in some cases you may need to hide the stitching, such as my Mrs Claus' doll, so this is the technique I used in this case. I do give credit to June for this technique as it was inspired by her joining technique.

Please note - I have only tried this technique on dolls that are for decorative purposes. So even though the joining feels secure, I have no idea whether they'll hold up under the rough pulling of children.  : )

This tutorial is for joining one open (1st) piece and one closed (2nd) piece of different colours.
Hold your pieces together firmly in place. Meanwhile, using the long thread from the open piece, insert the needle into a gap of the 2nd piece, make a stitch through this 2nd piece, working your stitch parallel to the 1st piece. See picture below. It's a little tricky, but you want to work this stitch at the area that will be hidden by the open piece.

 Now, go up through the back loop only of the open piece

Again, make a stitch through the closed piece, ensuring you work across, parallel to the 1st piece.

Continue stitching like this around your piece. Finally, weave in ends. You can visit June for excellent method for finishing your piece. Here is an example of the completed join on my Mrs Claus doll.

Remember, the trick is to work in the back loop only, keep your stitches parallel to the main piece, and try to work as close as possible where the two pieces meet.

Hope you find this tutorial useful, and I would love to hear your comments, suggestions and feedback.

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