Sunday, 28 April 2013

Scally Moo Baby Booties Free Pattern - Easy and Quick!

These booties were inspired by my little scallywag Dorian...he loves wearing his Mama's handmade booties. And, why the name Moo? Well, the yarn is made with 30% milk. It's the first time I've seen or worked with yarn made with milk, and it's great. It's so silky smooth and is ideal for the littlies. The yarn is called Chantilly, and is made by Spotlight's house brand, Moda Vera.

Have you ever seen milk used in yarn before? If so, please let me know, I'd love to try some other milk yarn blends. So here it is, the Scally Moo Baby Booties. I hope you enjoy.

I used Chantilly yarn by Moda Vera. It's a 12 ply yarn. The gauge on the yarn packet reads 13.0 to 15.0 sts = 4 inches in stocking stitch (knitting).

5mm (H) hook
6mm (J) hook

Approximately 3 month +


After round 2 is completed the sole of the bootie measures approximately 8 - 8.5cm (just over 3 inches) length, and 5cm (2 inches) width through the middle.

This pattern is written with US terminology.

Begin: Using 5mm hook

Recommended method - 7 Foundation Double Crochet (FDC) - You will now begin to work on the bottom side of the dc stitches, working back towards the beginning fdc to form an oval -
3dc in the same base as last fdc worked, dc in each base of next 5 dc, 3dc in next base of dc (i.e. the 1st  fdc) join with ss to top of 1st fdc. Continue with Rnd 2. (18 dc)

Alternative method - If you don't know how to do FDC then follow this alternative method. Ch 10, working in the top chain loop only, dc in 4th ch from hook and in each ch across. You will now begin to work into the other side of the chain loop working back towards the beginning dc to form an oval - 3dc in next ch, dc in next 5 ch, 3dc in next ch, join with ss to top of 1st dc. Continue with Rnd 2 (18 dc)

Pattern Notes:
End each round with a ss, to top of beginning ch3

Rnd 2   ch3, dc in same dc and in next 4 dc, 2dc in next 5dc, dc in next 4dc, 2dc in next 4 dc (28)
Change to 6mm hook
Rnd 3   ch 3, (continue this rnd in blo), dc in next dc and each dc around  (28)
Rnd 4   ch 3, dc in next 7 dc, dc2tog 4 times, dc in next 9 dc, dc2tog, dc in last dc (23)
Rnd 5   ch 3, dc in next 5 dc, dc2tog 4 times, dc in next 9 dc (19)
Rnd 6   ch3, dc in next 3dc dc2tog 4 times, dc in next 7 dc (15)
Rnd 7   ch 3, dc in each st around dc (15)
Fasten off

Edging and tie-up laces -   Using CC and 5mm hook ch 30, with right side of bootie facing attach yarn with ss to the dc that is left of the front middle st. Change to 6mm hook. ch 1, sc in next dc,  and in each dc around. Change back to 5mm hook. ss in same dc where last sc was worked, ch 30.
Fasten off, Weave in ends.

Make 2 

I hope you enjoyed this free croceht pattern by Roaming Pixies.


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