Spider Amigurmi - Crochet Pattern

My three year old and I often wonder what happens to all his missing socks. Does the washing machine absorb them? Do they disintegrate on the clothes line? Where do they go?Then one day we knew! We discovered Mr Sneaky Spider, hiding behind the couch, all decked out in his sneakers and socks....Naughty Mr Sneaky.

Now that we knew what happened to all those missing socks we were ready to tell Mr Sneaky Spider what we thought of his silly, naughty, sneaky sock-stealing shenanigins. But then we looked into those eight beady eyes and we knew he begged forgiveness.

We realised then, that he really is rather friendly, Mr Sneaky.  My son finds him rather the most cuddly, hug-able spidery friend you could wish for. 

Crochet Pattern Notes

Mr Sneaky is worked bottom up. He is entirely seamless so no sewing is involved. The eight legs are worked into your work as you go. He is also a fantastic scrap buster as you can use left over bits of yarn to create his socks and shoes. Mr Sneaky Spider pattern is available to buy from Roaming Pixies Etsy shop or you can click the BUY NOW button above to buy the crochet pattern from my Ravelry Store.


Spider Amigurmi - Crochet Pattern Spider Amigurmi - Crochet Pattern Reviewed by Roaming Pixies on June 22, 2015 Rating: 5

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