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It's spring here in Australia, and for me that means spending a whole lot more time in the garden. My other passion, apart from crochet, is Permaculture. It's something I still have a lot to learn about but the concepts and philosophies resonate with me. I guess there is something similar with crochet, in that I like to hand-make things that will last. I don't like the idea of cheaply, made, manufactured goods that are so poor quality they hardly last a week. I think it's such a waste of our natural resources. That is why I like crochet. I can make toys and clothes that are timeless, that will be passed on from one generation to the next. So yeah, I do think Permaculture definitely has a link to the handmade world.

But back to gardening. Getting out in the garden again, I see my son collect garden critters. He has a fascination with all those things that creep and crawl, worms, beetles, cicadas, ladybugs and of course, snails. My son adores snails. The only problem with snails is they don't make the best pets. Apart from the obvious i.e. the slimy, 'ick' factor, there have also been a few occasions when his pet snails have gone missing. I am always amazed how far these little critters can travel when no one is watching. We've also had other unfortunate incidents where the snails have succumbed to the stamping of little feet. There was also an unfortunate occasion (I've tried to block this one out) where little brother placed a snail in his mouth before spitting out in disgust. Snail and toddler are both fine. Me on the other hand! So after all these little incidents I felt inspired to make an Amigurumi snail. We call him "Swirly no.2" in memory of Swirly no.1. This crochet Amigurumi Snail makes a wonderful pet. He is nice and soft. Not slimy or sticky, and best of all, he is unbreakable!

This Amigurumi Snail is a fast project that is fun to make. Experiment with colours and use self-striping yarn for the shell to get different and surprising effects. The shell and slug parts are worked separately and the antennae are worked as you go, so there's no fiddly pieces to work with.

Gauge – Gauge is not important for this pattern. You can adjust hook and yarn size as desired, but keep in mind the size of finished object will vary. With DK/8ply yarn and 4mm hook my finished product measures 7.5cm from bottom to top of snail shell.
Copyright - Yes, you can sell items created from this pattern but please acknowledge Roaming Pixies as designer. Mass production is not permitted. Please do not reproduce or distribute any part of this pattern without permission.
Written in US terminology
Finishing – To close up final hole weave thread through each outer loop of the last 6 sc, inserting your needle top to bottom through the stitch. Pull yarn to close up hole and insert the thread back through the middle of hole, inside head of toy. Exit needle about 2 inches away on the back of head. Pull gently and trim.

Special Stitches

Magic Circle – This is the preferred method as it closes up the hole nicely. If you don’t know how to work the Magic Circle, you can use this alternative method:  Ch 4, join last ch to 1st ch with ss, Now work the number of sc (or dc) as stated in Rnd 1 into the ch ring, join the last sc (dc) to 1st sc  (dc)with ss.
 Swirly the Snail  - Amigurumi Pattern
Work the shell halves in a continuous spiral i.e do not join the rounds
Shell 1st Half
Rnd 1  Using MC - work 6 sc, 2 hdc, 2 dc in Magic Circle (10 sts)
Rnd 2   Work all stitches from this round onwards in BLO
              2sc in next 6sts, 2hdc in next 2 sts, 2dc in last 2 sts (20)

Rnd 3   (sc, 2sc in next st) around (30)

Rnd 4   sc in next 22 sts, hdc in next 4 sts, dc in next 4 sts (30)

Rnd 5   (sc in next 2 sts, 2sc in next st) around (40)

Rnd 6   sc in next 32 sts, hdc in next 4 sts, dc in next 4 sts (40)

Shell 2nd Half

Rnd 1  Using MC – work 2 dc, 2 hdc, 8 sc in Magic Circle (10 sts)

Rnd 2   Work all stitches from this round onwards in BLO
              2dc in first 2 sts 2hdc in next 2 sts, 2sc in last 6sts, (20)

Rnd 3   (sc, 2sc in next st) around (30)

Rnd 4   dc in next 4 sts, hdc in next 4 sts, sc in next 22 sts (30)

Rnd 5   (sc in next 2 sts, 2sc in next st) around (40)

Rnd 6   dc in next 4 sts, hdc in next 4 sts, sc in next 32 sts (40)

Fasten Off leaving a 12 inch length of thread for seaming two halves together.

Face up the two halves wrong side facing. Ensure the shapes are evenly matched i.e. the little curve of the snail shell will be lined up together. Now seam the two halves together using your length of yarn. For a neat seam work your stitch through the last round of stitches, through the back loop of first half (the half facing you) and front loop of second half i.e. the two inner loops that are parallel. Stuff firmly before you seam the snail shell closed.

Snail Slug

Works in a continuous round i.e. do not join rounds. Stuff as you go. You don’t want to stuff the body too firmly as you won’t be able to bend it around to fit the shell so keep the stuffing nice and light in the bottom half. 

Rnd 1   Using MC – Work 6 sc in Magic Circle

Rnd 2   2sc in each stitch around (12)

Rnd 3   sc in 1st st, 2sc in next, sc in next st (place marker), ch5, sc in 3rd stitch from chain and in next two chain (first antennae), 2sc in next st, sc in next st (pm), ch5 sc in 3rd stitch from chain and in next two chain (second antennae), *2sc in next st, sc in next st* till end (18 sts with two antennae)

Rnd 4 sc in each sc around – after you work into the marked stitch you will need to work the next stitch around the antennae, push the antennae towards you ensuring it remains on the right side of work (18)

Rnd 5   sc in 2sts, 2sc in next st around (24)

Rnd 6-7   sc in each st around [2 rounds] (24)

Rnd 8   sc in 2sts, dc2tog (18)

Rnd 9 (sc in 7sts, dc2tog) twice (16)

Rnd 10  sc in each st around (16)

Rnd 11  (sc in 6sts, dc2tog) twice (14)

Rnd 12 -18 sc in each st around (14)
Stuff firmly and from now on keep the stuffing very light.

Rnd 19 sc in 5sts, dc2tog twice (12)

Rnd 20-32   sc in each st around [13 rounds] (12)  

Rnd 33   (sc in next st, dc2tog) around (8)

Rnd 34-35   sc around

Rnd 36 (sc in 2sts, dc2tog) twice (6)

Rnd 37-39 sc around [3 rounds] (6)

Do your final stuffing before closing up hole. Keep adequate length of yarn for seaming the slug to the shell (about 12 inches). I attached my shells in two different ways (as pictured) to create slightly different looks. It’s up to you whether you want to sew your snail with a high neck and less protrusion of the tail or give your snail more tail length with a low head rise.
To finish antennae steam iron to flatten and add starch to stiffen. Sew eyes or felt eyes as desired.

You have finished your snail.

Love, hug, enjoy!

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